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A training program is necessary to the employees of an organization. It can be in given in many forms like - reading books, adopting online course and material, attending conferences, contests, webinars & seminars. There could be multiple reasons and objectives to initiate a training program for the employees but the training instructors are generally unaware of them.

There are following methods adopted for giving the training to the trainees of an organization -

the acquisition of facts and findings by the contextual and class-room teaching methodology. It is provided to employees to implicit the tacit understanding of the things in the employees.

methodological and strategic learning is the second step of this training process. In it the focus is to optimize the acquired knowledge into the practical initiatives, organizing, structuring and arranging the information into the systematic order.

The third stage of training is to engage the employees in the communicative groups and societal learning to increase the social competence. This is done to increase the teamwork fostering in the employees.

In the last step of affective learning, the employee develops the self confidence and self competence enough to perform the tasks by using acquired skills and abilities. This can develop the ethical and moral development in the organization.

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